So, with Vic gone it was time to start over… again. PJ, Paul and I decided to keep moving forward, in a totally different direction. We’re joined by Jim (Who PJ and I played with before in Day/Month/Year), and Carl (who Paul played with back in Sera Eclipsed). 101010 was fun as hell, and I think that the actual album that we got out of it is pretty fantastic.

We Are The Movie

Recorded at Hi-Lo studios, and mixed by Jim… We released this posthumously. I’m really proud of it!

Only Zuul
Precious Ambergris
In Lieu
Parts Per Million
When the Walls Fell
Cloud Chaser
Coastal Cities
Tea With Bertrand Russel

Below are some demo songs that were literally recorded as we were writing them. One mic in a practice space does not make for great sound!

Why Not (11-12-2012)
This Means Something (11-19-2012)
Prromise Needs Structure (11-26-2012)
Expressionless (1-28-2013)

I don’t know why we never did any covers live…
Age of Consent (Cover)(1-28-2013)

And, the throwaway track. First thing we came up with.
Making Lists with Letters and Numbers (11-12-2012)