10 Lb. Cock

10 Pound was a band that started with a joke: “What’s the most offensive band name that you can think of that’s not really offensive at all?”. We came up with 10 Lb. Cock, the chicken that takes a lickin’. The name was something we joked about back at Stimulance Coffeeshop for almost a year while Scott, PJ and I weren’t playing at all. “Sure, we’re in a band, we just never practice!” One thing led to another, and we ended up putting together a nice little punk-ish band with Vinny and Liz for a summer.


Appetite for Intoxication

Recorded by Eric Daum in the basement of Ivyhurst on his then-cutting edge CuBase setup. His setup (and his recording chops) have VASTLY improved since then, but I like to joke that he cut his teeth on the 10lb. Cock.

Iron Chef Skank