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After floundering around for a while with no bands, PJ and I joined a band called Knowing What I Know, and when that fell apart (before we could get anything recorded) we convinced Jim Schiffert to step up and play with us. Jim had been in the Happy Dogs with PJ years before, and it seemed a natural fit. We played for about a year (I think) and had a decent time of it. It was fun to play with friends again, and play music that I enjoyed.


Parts Unknown

Recorded by Eric Daum at our practice space on Franklin St. and in his basement on Shirley. “Parts Unknown” was an inside joke, as was the proposed followup album “For All Intensive Porpoises”. It was the first time that I actually had the balls to sing in a band, granted, mostly backing vocals.

Building up the Waterfront
Thing in a Bag
Grandma’s Urn
6th Street Bridge
Day of the Test
6th Street, Alternate Mix


Waiting On Alfie (Soundtrack)

Yeah, we got on a soundtrack for an independant film. Who’d a thunk it?

6th Street Bridge v2 (mp3 file)