Distracton Machine

Distraction Machine is/was PJ, myself and Jerry Hall, a longtime friend and former bandmate from almost 20 years ago. After a long hiatus from making music (mostly due to havin’ kids) we decided to give it another go. DM is a weird mix of our playing styles and musical tastes… and it was REALLY hard to find a middle-ground! We never made it into the studio, but it’s amazing what you can do with a laptop and a USB mic these days (compared to what two days of studio time used to get you back in the day).

Crappy Basement Recordings

Recorded with a few cheap USB mics hung from the rafters of Jerry basement. Not bad for three old dudes with kids

Filter Kings
The Battle Of Hastings
The Fad

And, while Distraction machine never made it into the studio, Jerry recorded some of our tunes on his own at Scott’s place. Came out a little… well, different than we would have sounded. But it still sounds pretty damned good!

Filter Kings