Grey In-Between was Vic Lazar on Guitar and Vocals, Chris Romeis on Drums, Eric Polovich on Bass and Rob Antonucci on Guitar. I played with Grey for about four or five years back in the mid to late 90s. GIB was considered ‘Post-Hardcore’, at the time, and was compared (occasionally) to Hum or Quicksand, but really I think it was just the four of us playing stuff that we liked to play, and liked to hear. GIB was damn fun to play out with, even with all the drama that occasionally came from playing somewhere between the Buffalo Hardcode scene and the (then booming) U-Heights Basement circuit. If there was ever a band that I was in that I was sure was going to ‘make it’, Grey was the one.

Lisbon 4-Track

Recorded in the Basement at 72 Lisbon (1995?). We practiced at Chris’ old place for years. It was like a second home to me. I’m pretty sure that these songs were put together with an old borrowed 4-track on cassete tape and bounced back and forth a couple of times before mixing it down on a POS stereo.

Infallible Indefinince
Absentee Landlord
For Lack of (Better Things to Say)
Essence of Cool
Super Secret Track

Watchmen Studios (1996)

Our first recording was done with Doug White at Watchmen in Lockport, NY. It was the second time that I’d been to Watchmen, and honestly I remember being worried about how he’d handle us, since Doug mostly seemed to do Hardcore and Metal bands. Vic and I were talking the other day, and he remembers Doug gating the shit out of the drums, which pissed off Chris to no end. Listening to these songs now, I think I like them better than some of the stuff that we recorded later…

500 Yr. Flood
Watered Down
Novelty Fixture
Marvelous Proper

Sonic Garden Sessions (1997)

Our next recording was done at Sonic Garden Studios over on Walden. I think everything was laid down on reel-to-reel, which is why a lot of it sounds kind of thick, and really warm and bassy. Our first ‘official’ EP came out of these tracks.

One Sided Compromise
Crawl Space Closed
Canopy of Praise
Falling Into Place

Dressler Sessions (1997)

I’m not exactly sure how it happened, but we ended up putting some songs down to reel-to-reel with Scott Dressler in ’97. If I recall correctly, we recorded them in Snapcase’s old practice space at the Sidway Building in downtown Buffalo during a long weekend.


Vultures Circle EP (1998):

Recorded at BFT Tapehouse in ’98 with Derek Prellwitz. I think we recorded with Derek more than once, but I could be wrong. I remember that the studio was up in the attic of his mother (or grandmother’s) place and we had a blast. I think that the stuff that we recorded with him was our most mature music ever, and he made it sound great.

Falling Into Place
Absentee Landlord
Watered Down
Zeus Indisposed
Empty Handed
Saftey In Spite

Vultures Circle 2010 Remixes:

Remixed and remastered by Derek at BFT Tapehouse after more than 10 years on a shelf… wow, what a difference. When we started planning and practicing for the 2010 reunion show, I got these in an email one day from Vic. Apparently, Derek pulled the tapes out of storage and put some spit and polish on them. THIS is how I always wanted our music to sound.

Falling Into Place (2010)
Absentee Landlord (2010)
Watered Dowm (2010)
Zeus Indisposed (2010)
Empty Handed (2010)
Saftey In Spite (2010)

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