Fhilter (AKA: Go Dog Go)

Fhilter was me, Jerry Hall, Mike Jeffers and Arron Macpherson. It was probably my first ‘real’ band, back in 1993. We playeda lot of bars and a lot of basements, and had a blast doing it. I was probably a little too into tapping and slapping back in the day, and it shows on these tracks.

Untitled 1994 Demo

Recorded at the venerable Watchment Studios in Lockport. The tech back then was so different from what you’d see now. I think we spent 500 bucks on this, and now a days you can produce better a LOT easier. I think part of the problem was that Doug just didn’t know what to do with us. Listening to these tracks 18 years later, I really don’t know what to think of them. Call it a lesson in humility that I’m even putting them up here.


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